The materialization of the building volumes further emphasizes the design approach of being close to nature, durability, and sustainability.

All building roofs are designed as intensive green retention roofs, seamlessly blending with the natural vegetation. Weathered exterior walls will be clad with fully recyclable, pre-weathered copper sheeting, while the walls and canopy soffits of the sheltered terraces will feature native larch wood cladding. The terraces, paths, and squares will be finished in native porphyry, creating a harmonious connection with the existing rock walls.

Given the complex and exciting spatial relationships generated by the combination of required building volumes and the surrounding landscape, the architectural design of the building structures takes a discreet approach, prioritizing functional demands. This simplicity in the tailor-made architectural design, characterized by durability and timelessness, provides a neutral framework and an ideal stage for diverse and detailed interior design. The interior design focuses on high-quality, sustainable, and recyclable materials, with floor, wall, and ceiling coverings predominantly made of natural stone and elm wood. The strategic positioning of the restaurant towards the street creates a visual and sound barrier for resort visitors, fostering a tranquil atmosphere in the rooms and wellness area, hidden from the outside, yet offering a generous view of the valley.