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Supermercato Poli Trento

  • Client
    Poli Supermercati Spa
  • Completed
  • Typology
  • Location
    Trento (BZ)

360 days construction time, 10 check-outs, 13,000 items and 648 photovoltaic panels. On three sides, generous glass facades line the path between the supermarket shelves in the ground floor sales area, leading to a double escalator at the end. This escalator provides access from the supermarket to the parking decks on both the lower and upper floors. A drive-on bridge connects the nearby Media World building with the parking area on the upper floor. This upper floor parking area is covered with a specially developed metal structure, housing one of the largest CO2-integrated systems in Italy, consisting of more than 600 photovoltaic panels.



From the initial idea to the elaboration and visualisation of the design, through the approval planning to the detailed implementation planning of the entire building project