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Sports Campus Bressanone

  • Client
    Municipality of Bressanone
  • Completed
  • typology
    Sports Campus
  • Location
    Bressanone (BZ)

Three-dimensional, interconnected green space. The design concept is based on integrating all building structures and their content-giving functions in a natural and unobtrusive way into the existing hillside topography. The entire building structure develops out of the existing landscape and is accessed via cuttings in the terrain and extensively supplied with daylight. The result of this interaction between landscape and building is a multifunctional public space for movement and encounter, the value of which exceeds the mere fulfilment of the purpose of a sports zone and considerably increases the quality of life for the residents. The result is a local recreation park that makes sport visible and tangible for all ages and social classes and allows all users, whether athletes, spectators or residents, to interact with each other.


Design planning

Precise elaboration and visualisation of the design in accordance with the client’s specific requirements and wishes as a basis for the further planning steps and partial service.