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Schweitzer Projects

  • Client
    Schweitzer Group Spa
  • Completed
  • Typology
    Office extension
  • Location
    Naturno (BZ)

Restructuring and expansion of the office area and storage spaces. The new, transparent, two-storey administration building adopts the surrounding gable roof forms and discreetly integrates itself into the existing building structure with a clear, linear design language. On the south side, the storage is expanded with an annex, creating a new, open outdoor space that separates it from the new office building while ensuring optimal lighting in both areas. The semi-transparent and strikingly colored company logo serves as a design element, integrated into the facade at the northwest corner of the administration building.


Design planning

Precise elaboration and visualisation of the design in accordance with the client’s specific requirements and wishes as a basis for the further planning steps and partial service.