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School Campus Rablá

  • Client
    Municipality of Parcines
  • Completed
  • typology
    School Campus
  • Location
    Parcines (BZ)

Simple, timeless and child-friendly architecture. The design concept seamlessly and inconspicuously integrates all building structures and their functions into the existing hillside, resulting in clearly recognizable and well-proportioned building volumes. Additionally, a three-dimensional green space zone surrounds the building structure, accessible from all sides. The quiet and compact buildings with flat roofs are constructed using timber, with the architectural design subtly placed in the background. It follows the functional and social requirements of the building project, in line with the nature-oriented design approach of harmoniously building with the landscape.


Design planning

Precise elaboration and visualisation of the design in accordance with the client’s specific requirements and wishes as a basis for the further planning steps and partial service.