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Primary School Cornedo

  • Client
    Municipality of Cornedo
  • Completed
  • Project type
  • Location
    Cornedo (BZ)

Spatial integration of the school into the village life. To maintain the harmony with the predominantly low buildings in the village center, with the exception of the church, the four-level structure was strategically positioned. Only the two upper levels, housing the classrooms, library, and service flat, are visible from the village square. The steep slope ensures ample natural light for the two levels below the square, comprising the multi-purpose room/gymnasium, changing rooms, and assembly hall. A spacious schoolyard with a playground is situated in front of these areas. The region behind the building towards the street serves as an extension of the village square.



From the initial idea to the elaboration and visualisation of the design, through the approval planning to the detailed implementation planning of the entire building project

Construction management

Supervision, support and coordination of the entire construction process, tendering and awarding, scheduling and cost management up to acceptance of the construction work.