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Nursing Home Zum Hl. Vinzenz

  • Client
    Cooperativa Sociale San Vincenzo
  • Completed
  • typology
    Nursing home
  • Location
    Bolzano (IT)

A home for seniors. The seven-floor building fills a gap in the historic old town, forming an angular shape that encloses a central green courtyard, creating an ensemble of a city within the city. Each floor has a central lounge area, and the roof terrace offers a view to the south, providing a pleasant space for the residents to enjoy on sunny days. The facade is clad in earth-colored stone, evoking the concept of a "town house" while also exuding a cozy and inviting atmosphere with its warm tones.



From the initial idea to the elaboration and visualisation of the design, through the approval planning to the detailed implementation planning of the entire building project

Construction management

Supervision, support and coordination of the entire construction process, tendering and awarding, scheduling and cost management up to acceptance of the construction work.

Interior design

Draft, planning and design of interiors, material, colour and furnishing concepts, organisation and coordination of the trades and monitoring of the entire construction progress.