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Car Dealership in car Marlengo

  • Client
    Auto Garage Walter
  • Completed
  • typology
    Car dealership
  • Location
    Marlengo (BZ)

Showroom with outdoor presentation area at the Marlengo roundabout. The new showroom, spanning an area of 435 m², is seamlessly connected to the existing building and is characterized by a linear, geometrically rectangular design with a slightly emphasized entrance portal. The entire showroom features all-round glazing, providing an elegant display for showcasing the cars. The extension is constructed using lightweight materials, and the roof is made of a steel trapezoidal sheet support shell with thermal insulation. To maintain consistency with the car manufacturer's corporate design, all closed facade elements are clad with perforated, trapezoidal aluminum sheets. This design choice adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the showroom.


Master planning

Bundling of all necessary planning services and coordination and agreement as a single point of contact, interface-free from the concept study to completion.

Construction management

Supervision, support and coordination of the entire construction process, tendering and awarding, scheduling and cost management up to acceptance of the construction work.