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House Collepietra

  • Client
  • Completed
  • typology
    Private House
  • Location
    Collepietra (BZ)

Rough sawn timber facade. The existing structure, consisting of an open roof for the sawmill and timber storage, as well as an adjoining multi-storey building for administrative and residential purposes, was largely destroyed in a fire. In the course of reconstruction, the living quarters will be extended with an extension on the south-east side, which will be placed in front of the existing building structure and give the business a completely new appearance. The new extension is built in timber and the roof is clad with a uniform interlocking sheet metal covering.


Master planning

Bundling of all necessary planning services and coordination and agreement as a single point of contact, interface-free from the concept study to completion.

Construction management

Supervision, support and coordination of the entire construction process, tendering and awarding, scheduling and cost management up to acceptance of the construction work.