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Cooperative Society Laives

  • Client
    Societá Cooperativa Laives
  • Completed
  • typology
    Fruit cooperative
  • Location
    Laives (BZ)

Extension of the existing fruit magazine. The warehouse hall, extended towards the west and constructed with lightweight shed roofs, ensures optimal northern lighting for the workrooms. Given the substantial overall size of the facility and the resulting facade areas, the south facade of the extension, which is most visible, features a decorative facade. This facade contrasts with the existing building through a stylized, restrained design language, presented in a slightly graded shade of green, abstracting the landscape.


Master planning

Bundling of all necessary planning services and coordination and agreement as a single point of contact, interface-free from the concept study to completion.

Construction management

Supervision, support and coordination of the entire construction process, tendering and awarding, scheduling and cost management up to acceptance of the construction work.